Welcome to A Dash of Hope.
I’m a holistic health coach who teaches moms how to live a toxin-free lifestyle in order to feel happier & healthier.

Mama, there’s too much noise out there. You hear someone telling you to try juicing, a cleanse, diet and so much more.

It’s no wonder you’re confused and aren’t sure which direction to turn.

Your days are long, busy and frustrating and you feel exhausted all the time. You have no energy left for your kids, dinner or to get intimate with your husband.

You’re lost and have no idea what direction to turn because there’s WAY TOO MUCH information out there!

I get it because I was in your shoes.
I went to several gastrologists and they considered me “a “mystery case” not giving me an answer whenever I’d ask them what’s going on with my stomach.

It took years before I discovered that a detox was what I needed.

So, I started reading ingredient labels, eating less processed food, cooking more, eating out less, exercising, spending more time outside and I felt SO MUCH BETTER.

My stomach went from bothering me every single day (gas, bloating, cramps, constantly on the toilet) to rarely having any digestive issues because I changed my lifestyle.

And, it can be that simple for you too!

Ready to ditch the toxins naturally?? I have a program that I created JUST FOR YOU!

You will receive:

  • guides on the best foods to eat for energy, vitamin C, fiber and your immune system
  • education on harmful ingredients in food, household, & cosmetic products
  • grocery store support

If you’re ready to change your life, SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION today!

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