Mama, You are Enough

It’s now comical to think back to when I was pregnant and assumed I’d finally have time to focus on my business when my daughter was born.

You see, while pregnant, I worked full-time, so most days I didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to my business, so on maternity leave, I planned to launch my program.


Motherhood is hard enough, so why not put more pressure on myself to create an ENTIRE program? Right? Boy was I wrong.

You see, motherhood is a culmination of wanting ………

alone time

not wanting alone time

missing them




For me, I only have alone time during nap time (which I stay in the same room as my daughter and work) and it ends once she wakes up because we cuddle.

After she goes to bed, but by that time, I’m usually tired.

So, it’s a catch-22.

As a mom, you don’t think about how much you’ll miss the moments in which you continuously lose your shit because your kids are pushing your buttons.

You don’t think about how much you’ll miss them hanging on you 24/7.

You don’t think how one day you’ll long to hear “mama” just one more time.

You don’t think about how much you’ll miss putting them to bed and having them fall asleep in your arms.

These moments you’re living in will come to an end. They will grow up. They won’t need you in the same way and you’re going to miss it.

Each time they call for you, your heart skips a beat because you feel needed. You feel the tears welling inside your eyes as they ask for a hug. to hold hands, or for a kiss. You feel complete. Your soul feels full and you can finally breathe.

I want you to remember that you’re a great mom even if….

you lose your cool
you let them eat processed food once in a while
you need alone time
you let them watch TV

You are enough! Remember that.

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