What Characteristics Do You Wish To Change About Yourself?

So many thoughts circling around in my head. It’s been so long since I’ve had time to think & process my healing journey. 

It’s time to re-evaluate my place in this world because I have some personal items to work on. 

There are aspects of myself that I feel are ugly. If my husband who I am around practically 24/7 says all I do is complain, that means I have a serious problem. I need to fix that because the last thing I want to do is have my daughter start following in my footsteps. 

There are so many questions that I continue to ask myself such as – where did this behavior stem from? How long have I been this way? Why has it taken so long for me to address? Have I always been this way? 

This is what several people are not able to do on their own simply because we’re not taught HOW TO. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just not simply something that is brought up in school. 

What I’m referring to is how to re-evaluate their behavior. When someone calls you out on it, you probably feel embarrassed, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to change it, address it. You may brush it off and not ever think about it until someone else brings it to your attention. It may take a lifetime to address because that’s not something that matters. 

Making money, getting through the day, making food, establishing relationships, and connecting with family members is on your forefront. Not asking yourself what the biggest fears are or why you’re so codependent. 

I get it. 

But, at some point, you WILL have to think about these characteristics of yourself because you might not like the person you’ve become. Maybe you’re at that point, but have noooo clue where to start. 

Well, that’s where I come in. 

I’m here to call you out. I’m here to make you think. I’m here to change your perspective and how you view something simply by asking questions. 

So, this is where I’d like to begin. 

I want you to THINK about the aspects of yourself that you’d like to change.

What is it about yourself that you no longer favor?


Think about how you became this way. Something along the way made you the way you are & I’m going to help you figure it out. 

I want you to think long & hard. I want you to write it down. I want you to digest it. 

After you’ve figured it out, write down the characteristics & find out what in your life could have made you this way. It’s not an easy exercise, but it’s a great start to becoming the person you want to be! 

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