What the heck is Bisphenol A (BPA)?!

do you know what Bisphenol A stands for? do you know what it is? you’ll find it abbreviated as BPA in canned goods, plastic containers, baby bottles, baby pacifiers, sippy cups, cash register receipts, as well as household products.

BPA is a chemical that’s used to make plastics and resins. 

you might be wondering – then why the heck is in the food we consume? it’s meant to extend shelf life. the next question you might ask is, how bad is it if we ingest it? 

well ….. in 2010, Canada declared BPA a toxic substance. so, you would think the USA would ban it, right? Nope! 

and, what’s unfortunate is studies show there are traces of this chemical in 90% of our bodies. 

BPA has been know to link to:

  • cancer
  • infertility
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • asthma
  • ADD

again, this is not something that we think about. we are all just trying to feed our families & get by, right? we should not have to worry that what we’re putting in our bodies could possibly kill us.

there are so many fruits & veggies that we buy on a daily basis that are canned & inexpensive. most of us are on a budget and so, opting for canned goods is our best option. 


if you’re looking to reduce your exposure to BPA, I suggest doing the following:

✅ try to buy fresh fruits & veggies from the farmers market, directly from a farm, or even frozen! 

✅ try to buy canned beans in a tetra pack at the grocery store

✅ try to avoid plastic bags & plastic jars 

even small traces of BPA are known to cause problems, so trying to limit your exposure is the BEST thing you can do for you + your family! 

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