When this shit happens, you don’t give up, you fight back.

I’ve been letting myself eat what my body tells me simply because I don’t want to restrict myself, but now I’m taking it too far.

Now, I’m starting to get impatient, anger & frustrated way too easily. On top of that, I feel the need to constantly be on my phone.

I feel bloated and irritable.

I’ve been less restrictive because surprise, I’m pregnant. 

I also have an undiagnosed eating disorder and I’m trying not to let it take over, but now that I’ve identified that I’m eating too many salty snacks, it’s starting to kick me. It’s kicking me wear it hurts by telling me I’m gaining too much weight, I’m fat, I’m ugly, all that negative talk. 

I’m pushing it away, but somehow it keeps building back up. 

So, do you know what I do in a situation like this?

I get back up & fight. I get back up, stare it in the face & tell my inner thoughts how wrong they are.

I stop eating those types of foods & focus on foods that nourish my body.

You see, when this shit happens, you don’t give up, you fight back. 

You change your ways.

It’s not the end, it’s only the beginning.

You need to know how to fight this beast & once you do, you’ll feel like you conquered the fucking world.

You’ll feel like you won instead of letting it win.

You’ll feel mighty & strong. 

You can do this. You can win.

You don’t have to do it alone. We can walk hand & hand – side by side & do it as a team because it’s not easy.

It’s not always easy to tune out those nasty thoughts.

I’m here to remind you that you’re better than that.

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