Don't Punish Yourself For Not Working Out

I tend to workout at least 6 days a week. I usually give myself one rest day to relax and drink some wine, but that's at the end of the week, not at the beginning.

A few hours ago, my husband and I decided to go to this dinner with the doctor event at this Japanese restaurant in town and so, I knew I wouldn't get the chance to workout. And, I accepted it.

Well, it turned out we ran late, so we couldn't go.

While my body was telling me, "okay, now you'll have time to go workout," my mind was telling me to chill, drink some wine and have a slice of cake. It was telling me I deserve it because I survived yet another Monday. Then, I thought, "yeah, why not?" I'll just have to workout every day for the next few days and that's okay. It's alright to treat yourself.

I tend to stick to a schedule during the week and stay away from eating after dinner. I usually allow myself to do that on weekends, but rarely do it during the week. But, today. I'm thinking maybe my body needs it. I just paid off my student loans, so it's like a gift to myself. I should be proud of myself and my accomplishments.

I've always had body issues, but I don't know why. I'm a thin girl with a nice figure, yet I've ALWAYS torn myself to shreds thinking I was fat. It seems I'm a rather mean girl on the inside. My mother has always wondered why I didn't have confidence in my appearance. And, I've wondered the same.

But, not today.

Today I decided to eat cake and drink wine.