5 Best Websites To Look for Healthy Recipes

Instead of spending time at a restaurant, my husband and I usually opt to stay home and make our meals from scratch. Not only do I know what goes into making it, I also know what ingredients are included. I'm lactose intolerant and very ingredient-conscious, so I'm constantly checking food labels. In fact, my husband and I tend to spend 3-4 hours grocery shopping because we're always looking on the back on whatever we buy. 

Right before we go on our bi-weekly shopping trip, I usually browse through various recipes to figure out what our weekly meals will look for the week ahead. I usually check different sites, but the following are my go-to's.

1. Minimalist Baker Though she's primarily plant-based, I tend to check out her recipes because they're usually healthy and turn out well. I make her dairy-free cheese meals and I love playing around to see what I can conger up that will exude a similar taste.

2. Good Housekeeping Okay, this one might be a bit bias considering I used to intern for GH, but nevertheless, they have some great healthy recipes!

3. Well Plated by Erin Erin is dedicated to making healthy and scrumptious recipes such as Chicken Caesar Sandwich with Bacon (I sub turkey bacon), coconut flour pancakes, strawberry oat bars (which btw were out of this world) and much more!

4. Sallys Baking Addiction Sally specializes in both cooking and baking! She creates dishes with plenty of flavor without the added chemicals.

5. Delish.com Though Delish might make meals that aren't always what I'm looking for, but I usually go to them when I want to be creative. Their Goddess bowl, which is packed with plenty of protein is amazing!

These are just a few of my favorite websites. What are some online sources you use when searching for food recipes?