The Woman's Guide to Self-Care

When it comes to self-care, as women, we rarely set aside time for ourselves. Instead, we’re left running around either picking up the kids, running home to make dinner, trying to get a good night’s sleep and not letting ourselves relax. I mean, what’s relaxation?

But, it’s time we start caring for ourselves more because at the end of the day, we are the glue who holds our household together.

If you’re thinking to yourself, okay, I simply don’t take time to care for myself because I’m way too busy! Or, I’m on a tight budget and don’t have money to spend treating myself. Well, that is where I call bullshit because some of my self-care suggestions won’t cost you anything.

In terms of having no time, if you’re a single mom, why not ask a friend to watch your kids for a few hours while you de-stress? Or, ask your partner to watch the kids? There are ways you can start putting yourself first, but you might not think it’s important enough, so you keep putting it on the back-burner saying, “I’ll get to it.”

Well, I’m sending you a reminder to care for yourself now before you make yourself ill.

And, here are a few ways to do just that!

1) Take a bath. Take 30 minutes out, lock the door and sit in a hot bath with a glass of wine and a candle. Feel free to read your favorite book and just relax. This will do you some good after a long day or long week!

2) Meditate. Some people might be opposed to this, but I’d encourage you to try it for just 10 minutes a few times a week. Trust me, you’ll feel relaxed afterward and want to continue the practice. You can find soothing 10-minute meditation videos on youtube.

3) Schedule a massage or facial. Okay, this costs money, but if you only splurge on treating yourself once in a while, it won’t break the bank. Or, you could save money and do an at-home massage with your significant other and then an at-home facial.

4) Plan a relaxing date night or girls night. at HOME Make pizza or your favorite dish and watch a movie with a glass of wine. Whether you’re spending time with your significant other or your best girlfriends, this will be a night that’s severely needed.

5) Go out to dinner. Have a couple extra bucks leftover after your budgeting session? Why not go out for an inexpensive dinner with your girls or significant other. After a long day at the office or taking care of your kids, you need a night like this to re-charge. Remember: during dinner, NO CELL PHONES. You need to un-plug from life and this is the perfect time to do so!

6) Plan an inexpensive weekend getaway. Again, this doesn’t have to cost a ton if you budget it correctly. If you’re going with friends, you can split the cost of the room and dinner. It can be somewhere local that you haven’t visited yet. I’d suggest googling surrounding areas and then look up restaurants, activities and inexpensive hotels or airbnb’s.

7) Cook or bake. If you’re relaxation session includes baking or cooking, I say spend a few hours in your kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. Have you been wanting to learn how to bake something out of your comfort zone in order to challenge yourself? If so, now is the time!

8) Read. Want to catch up on reading? Set aside time to read for a few hours. Not only will it take you to another world, you’ll feel more relaxed afterward because you’ll feel like you got ME time.

9) Go for a walk or hike. Gosh, the fresh air always makes me feel better after being coped up in the office all week. Take a few sammies and head to the park. It’s free and you can some Vitamin D!

10) Do nothing. Yes, you heard that right. Lay on the couch and binge watch your favorite show. We deserve to be lazy once in a while! Since most of our lives are spent go, go, go, it’s hard for us to just stop and do nothing, but trust me, after a few hours of that, you’ll feel good!

I know some of these suggestions are obvious, but we could all just a reminder once a while because our society is constantly moving. We start thinking if we’re not being productive 24/7, we’re just plain lazy. Okay, that is NOT the case because we’re allowed to lounge around.

Most of us have high-stress jobs that make us sick, tired all the time and with NO TIME to do the things we used to do. We need to stop and ask ourselves if we’re run down and if we feel like we are, we need to make it a priority to just SLOW DOWN!

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