Have You Tried green fetish?

I walked into green fetish in Downtown Greenville a few weeks ago after a friend suggested we meet there for lunch. I heard of the restaurant back in April and looked forward to its opening ever since!

Get this: organic, farm-to-table, fast-casual restaurant that serves locally-sourced food + provides vegan/vegetarian options! It was right up my alley and when my friend asked what I was ordering, I told her EVERYTHING looks good! I simply cannot decide.

After several minutes of looking over the menu, I decided on Buddha’s Feast, which consisted of arugula, brown rice, tofu, tomatoes, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, avocado + thai peanut dressing. Let’s say that it was filling and you could tell everything was fresh! I even tried to re-create this dish a few days later and it didn’t even compare to green fetish’s!

I decided to chat with the owner, Chris Yun, who is backed by the family that operates Lieu’s Chinese Bistro and both locations of Otto Izakaya to lean more about his restaurant!

What separates you from the rest of the pack of restaurants?

The biggest difference between green fetish from other restaurants is first and foremost, quality. green fetish's slightly higher prices comes from the organic, all natural products that we utilize. A friend once taught me the importance of eating organic produce and how harmful pesticides were; he said, "if bugs don't eat it, why can we?"

That lesson stuck with me and I wanted to make it convenient for everyone to We also do not use any processed sugar, but rather natural forms such as agave, dates, maple syrup, and honey. We limit allergens when cooking our food by using minimal ingredients to stay true to the food. green fetish is also very proud to be all gluten-free.

How did this concept of serving organic, farm to table food come about?

This concept came about through my new eating habits. I was overweight and I decided to eat healthy to correct my health. Just by eating the right foods, I was able to lose weight and I wanted to help spread good, clean food to others. I feel that it's important for people to eat healthy and take care of their body, as well as take care of the earth that we live in; that is why green fetish uses all compostable products.

Why should people eat at your restaurant?

People should eat at green fetish because we really want everyone to be happy, healthy, and feel good about what they are eating. You never have to worry about dining at green fetish because you'll know how much care we put into each ingredient and every bowl. There's no other restaurant around us that can serve quality meals at a fast pace.