Being Mindful

Most of us spend our entire lives living in the past or future.

We start thinking, “how could I have changed the scenario” instead of focusing on the present. We get lost thinking so many thoughts that we don’t concentrate on what’s happening NOW. And, I’m guilty of doing this because on my drive to work, all I can think about is how I think my day will pan out instead of focusing on the trees, plants, landmarks and the other cars surrounding me. I also get so lost into thinking what I need to do after work, what tasks I need to get done at work and what I’m having for dinner.

Here’s the thing: you can train your mind to start thinking in the moment. It won’t be easy because our mind often wanders., but it’s definitely feasible.

So, next time you’re eating, pay attention to the taste, how the texture feels, how it feels in your mouth and how much chewing it takes.

Next time you’re driving, pay attention to the cars, scenery and your overall surroundings.

Next time you’re washing your hands, pay attention to how your hands feel, the temperature of the water and how the soap feels in your hands.

Just learn how to be more mindful and stop trying to figure out what your next move is. We need to focus on our breathe and learn how to concentrate on what’s happening NOW.


I Finally Found My Happiness

I’ve always wanted to help people, but wasn’t sure in what compacity.

In college, I felt drawn to the magazine industry and yearned to live in NYC to become a magazine writer. I did intern for Good Housekeeping and Family Circle Magazine, but changed my mind due to the competitiveness.

Instead, I went straight into content writing then became a social media coordinator, and finally a community manager. But, there was always something missing.

When it came to my career, I never felt settled.

I always felt the sense that I was meant for something greater. I always felt like there was something else out there for me. I would suggest a new career every week, but never followed through because it wasn’t meant to be. That was until I moved to Greenville a year ago and came across holistic health coaching.

Something clicked in my mind. The excitement started creeping up and that’s when I knew I finally found it. I’ve spent most of my 20’s confused as to what career I wanted. I’d start a job, love it and then all of a sudden, something would happen. And, in my heart, I knew it was a sign. I kept on looking and wondering when it would finally hit me.

So, now, after years of exploring career options, I’m becoming a holistic health coach and my goal is to help people – whether it be men or women – become their best selves. I want to see the smile on their face when they finally find their happiness. The joy I’ll feel will be overwhelming and for the first time in my life, I know I’ll be making a difference.

Via Hannah Kerr’s Little Pink Book

My Top 5 Favorite Restaurants Serving Homemade Food in Greenville

Greenville is definitely a foodie city with tons of local restaurants that purchase local ingredients and serve their customers a plate full of just plain good food. I've been here a little over a year and I feel like I haven't even touched the surface. There are still so many more towns and restaurants I want to explore. in SC.

I mean, it's not like I haven't tried some of the CORE restaurants that are often talked about. I mean, Farm Fresh Fast. Need I say more? If you haven't heard of it, you need to go asap. I've even included it on my list below (and you'll find out why!) 

So, if you're as obsessed with the food scene as I am, then you'll visit their hot spots ASAP! 

1. Tupelo Honey Cafe. Why do I love this restaurant so much? In addition to their amazing food, I love the feel of the interior. When I went there a few months ago, I ordered AND devoured my Southern BLT, which was made of Apple cider bacon, dijonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and hot honey. I absolutely love honey and it was the ideal addition to this delectable sandwich. The chicken was crispy and you could tell by its appearance that it was made with care. It wasn’t soggy or overcooked. The honey added a nice sweetness to the meal. Not to mention, the French fries were crisp to perfection and tasted hand-cut instead of served heated from a frozen bag. It's a local staple that you must hit up!


2. Farm Fresh Fast. Recently, FFF created these vegan protein donuts that are actually healthy called Doughnuts Done Right. A healthy donut? Have you heard such a thing? I have not. But, they're also gluten-free, farm-to-table and the best part is... they're locally sourced. On their restaurant menu, they serve items such as a Shroom Swiss Burger, Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla, Spicy Pulled Chicken Wrap and something that sounds rather intriguing Toasted Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap. The best part about that particular sandwich - for me at least - is it's turkey bacon! So, now that I just made your mouth water, visit FFF asap!


3. Smoke on the Water. We went to Smoke on my hubby's birthday and not only was their food delicious, our waiter was extremely accommodating. I ordered the Crab Cake Po Boy sandwich with fries while my husband ordered a steak. It was seriously heaven on a plate and the best thing is, all their food is made from scratch. From homemade sauce, an assortment of desserts, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, beef to soups and salads, Smoke has something for everyone. 

4. Grill Marks. If you l-o-v-e burgers, you need to try Grill Marks at the Haywood Mall or Downtown Greenville. I'm not a beef person, but on occasion, I might give in and eat one of their homemade burgers with various toppings. It was honestly THE best burger I've ever eaten and their milkshakes are heaven in a glass. And, oh, I forgot about their fries: crisped to perfection with the right amount of salt. And, if you're not in the mood for a burger, they also have salads and other sandwiches you can try. But, if you're going there for lunch, I recommend grabbing yourself a burger.

5.  LTO Burger Bar. Speaking of burgers, LTO is another one of my favorite burger joints. But, they obviously don't just serve burgers, they also serve tacos, sandwiches, soups, salads, and appetizers that are out of their world. When my hubby and I went there, we ordered their PRETZEL POWER app, which was hot buttered pretzels, grainy mustard, and smoked gouda queso. Obviously I didn't have the queso, but the grainy mustard hit the spot. While I was there, I ordered the Fried Chicken Club, which was a buttermilk-soaked fried chicken breast with shaved ham, bacon, creole mustard aioli served with hand-cut fries. Again, you could tell this crispy piece of chicken was made from scratch and sprinkled with love. The combination between the chicken, bacon, ham and mustard satisfied my craving for something a tad sweet and salty. It was honestly like biting in a small piece of heaven. Is that too extreme? Well, I’m just being honest! 

No matter what restaurant you visit, you won't be sorry! And, if you try all of them, I won't judge!

5 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas in Greenville

If you're looking for inexpensive date ideas, I have just the ticket for you! You do not have to spend an arm and leg - especially when it comes to Greenville. There are dozens of ideas, but you just have to think outside of the box.  When it comes to dates, it doesn't always have to be super romantic. You can have low-key dates and still enjoy yourselves.  

When my husband and I first moved to Greenville, we didn't have much money, so we spent time researching creative ways to spend quality time together either not spending a dime or a couple bucks here and there. 

If you're in a similar boat when it comes to your finances, don't worry because I compiled a list of budget-friendly date ideas:

1) A coffee date. There are dozens of coffee shops in Greenville. One of our faves is Coffee Underground, which by the way serves dairy-free milk and homemade syrup. Not to mention, you can get breakfast all day long. You can either head there for breakfast for a one-on-one breakfast date or go for a stroll at night and pick up a delicious beverage. Not in the mood for caffeine? They also offer beer, wine and cocktails!


2) Make sammies and head to a local park. We love going to the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson to take pictures + picnic with homemade sandwiches and potato salad. Not only is picturesque, it's family-friendly (in case you plan to bring the kids for an afternoon activity). It's about a 45-minute drive from Greenville, but so worth it and inexpensive! And, if you're not willing to drive that far, you can also check out Paris Mountain in Greenville or Lake Robinson in Greer, which is a hidden gem.


3) Grab a smoothie and walk around downtown. I'm rather obsessed with smoothies, so grabbing a smoothie from Happy + Hale, Southern Pressed Juicery or even Kuka Juice (if you're in the mood for juice. they also have food!) is a cheap afternoon date. Not only are you getting your daily intake of nutrients, downtown is clean, safe and nice to walk around. 

4) In the mood for frozen yogurt? Luna Rosa Gelato CafeCreme Shack, Blueberry Frog are all walking distance of downtown Greenville. There are plenty of frozen yogurt and ice cream shops outside of Greenville such as Pink Mama's Ice Cream Shop & Trucks in Travelers Rest or Dillards Farms Inc Ice Cream in Greer.

5) Go to a comedy show. I know tickets for Alchemy Comedy Theater at Coffee Underground range from $8.00 - $10.00. You can sip on some alcohol and watch a good improv show! 

What are your favorite inexpensive date night ideas? Comment below!