5 Dairy-Free Brands You Need To Try

Since I'm lactose intolerant, I'm always looking for dairy-free meals, cheeses, coffee creamers and desserts. Recently, I came across someone asking for dairy-free foods and figured I'd suggest some brands I tend to buy at the store.

  • Natural Bliss Coffee creamer.

This brand has three different flavors: vanilla, sweet creme + caramel. The sweet creme is made from coconut milk while vanilla and caramel are derived from almond milk. I've tried all three flavors and have to say my favorite is vanilla. You can't go wrong with choosing any of the flavors.

  • So Delicious.

I love So Delicious! Even though it does tend to be a tad pricey, the cheese tastes amazing! If you're plant-based or lactose intolerant like me, in my opinion, this cheese tastes practically like cheese derived from milk. You're not missing anything! They offer mozzarella, cheddar + cheddar jack. Don't think they just have cheese! Some other products this brand possesses is ice cream, coconut milk, yogurt, coffee creamer, as well as other frozen desserts. 

  • Kite Hill.

Since I'm unable to eat ricotta cheese, I decided to look for a substitute. To my surprise, at Whole Foods I found Kite Hill's ricotta cheese so I could make Eggplant Manicotti. It consisted of almond milk, salt, enzyme, tartaric acid + cultures. If you can read all the ingredients in a product, then you know it's pretty natural. If you're unable to pronounce most of the ingredients in a product, that might not be something you want to put in your body.  And, the best thing about this brand is they don't just sell ricotta cheese, they also offer dairy-free yogurt, cream cheese + two types of ravioli!

  • Daiya.

From cream cheeze, pizza, shredded cheese, cheezecake, cheezy mac, greek yogurt, dressing to sauce, Daiya has everything you could every want - and a tad more! According to their website, Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy. From the ooey gooey goodness of a grilled cheese to the rich and creamy taste of fruit-kissed yogurt, all our products taste great. And that makes you feel great. With their variety of options, you can't go wrong with trying any of their products. 

  • Go Veggie.

Go Veggie offers dairy-free cheese, Parmesan + cream cheese. Their products are lactose and soy free as well as vegan. GO VEGGIE® provides a variety of products and flavors to satisfy every cheese-lover’s craving. With more calcium, equivalent protein, less fat and less calories compared to ordinary cheese – and free from cholesterol, lactose and gluten – you can now enjoy all of your stretchy, melty, cheesy foods without all the guilt, according to their website. Try one of their food items today.


Whether you're looking for cream cheese, dairy-free ice cream, yogurt, cheese or coffee creamers, any of these brands above will suffice. I've tried all of them and they all taste similiar. They all satifiy my craving for cheese. Even before I was lactose intolerant, I was never a fan of milk, so I really don't miss drinking cow's drink. I'd opt for almond, cashew or coconut milk any day! Let me know which brands are your favorites!