I Finally Achieved One of my Lifetime Goals

Since high school, One Tree Hill has been my go-to show. I religiously watched it every single week and bought seasons 1-6. Unfortunately, once the original cast was no longer part of the story, my interest in the show diminished and I found something new to indulge in. But, still, I’d every so often check-in to see the latest episode.

A few years ago, I found out they filmed in Wilmington, NC and one of my lifetime goals was to venture into town and take pictures at each of the iconic spots. And, two weeks, ago, I fulfilled my goal.

My husband agreed to come along as I went to a few spots and took pictures every time I’d ask him to. It was a 4-hour car ride and so worth the gas and money to get us there.

First, we went to where Karen’s Cafe was filmed in Season 1. I thought OMG, as I stood there, I felt pretty pumped - even though people who were starring at me were probably wondering why the hell I was there in the first place. But, I have to say that I simply did not care. Whenever I’d ask my husband to take a picture, I didn’t care who stared or who snickered. I just went with it.

Then, we went to Downtown Wilmington where we went to a few restaurants they filmed at. It was so much fun getting to see these spots IN-PERSON. Honestly, though, if you’re not a HUGE One Tree Hill fan - like myself - you won’t understand the hype. You won’t get how important it was to go to the famous “Naley” bench. Not only was OTH filmed in Wilmington, Dawson’s Creek and a few other shows were. ALSO…. I missed a few cast members visiting the area by just a one or two! Ahhh! In general, Wilmington is a beautiful area and I get the appeal. I get what they filmed there. The downtown is nice enough to walk around and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

After that, we visited the cemetery, Keith Scott Motors, the famous bridge and Haley and Peyton’s houses!