Self-care is important for your overall well-being and not putting yourself first sometimes and caring for your body could lead to bad health, depression and instability. 

As a new mom or a mom in general, you’re probably not thinking about your health, am I right? You’re not thinking about the ways in which you can care for yourself and your well-being. You’re not focusing on how you can improve your health. You’re merely just getting by by the skin of your teeth. You’re too busy either preparing school lunches for the kids, taking care of your newborn, taking your kids to after-school activities all the while scarfing down a burger you picked up from Mickey D’s.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you really take the time to focus on YOU? Do you ever feel like you’re running on auto-pilot? Do you feel exhausted and weak all the time? Are you just too damn busy to exercise? Do you feel stuck, lonely and sometimes bloated? Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough? Not a good enough mom? Not a good role model? Not a good friend? Not a good wife?

Well, firstly, you are enough.

Secondly, if you wish to stop feeling this way, I have your answer: SELF-CARE.

If you set aside just 10 MINUTES per day to do something for yourself, you’re going to feel better! This can include listening to relaxing music on your way to work, taking a 10-minute bath, pampering yourself by painting your nails, journaling, reading,or listening to your favorite song.

Self-care is all about nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

Need some help with self-care? That’s where I come in!

During my self-care 6-month program, you’ll learn the following:

- How to eat better food by taking you on a grocery tour
- How to change your mindset around food and your overall life by peeling back the layers of your life
- How to relieve stress
- How to become your best self
- How to show gratitude for your body
- How to love yourself and your body
- How to feel good

If you’re ready to commit, here are the steps:

  • Schedule a session

  • Fill out a health consultation form

  • Discuss your goals and commit to the 6-month Self-care program

  • Fill out a self-care assessment form

  • Monthly meetings via phone, skype, in-person

To go a bit more in-depth, this is what my Self-care program entails:

  • 1:1 phone, in-person, or skype sessions twice a month for 60 minutes (or more if necessary). During these sessions, we will discuss your health goals, how to improve your overall health, attitude, towards health & nutrition, and what’s on your mind. I will listen and make a recommendations on how you can live your best life.

  • Grocery tour. We will tour a local grocery store where I’ll educate you on what to look for when buying food for you and your family. The rule of thumb is if you’re unable to pronounce it, you shouldn’t be buying it. There are tons of hidden ingredients in the foods we buy and by informing you about them is one step further into feeling your best!

  • Help you understand self-care, develop your self-care plan & put your self-care plan into action

  • Self-care tip guides to help you stay on track

  • Continuous support via text, phone or email

Let’s break it down into different sectors of self-care:

Physical self-care

  • Developing a sleep routine

  • Going for a walk during lunch

  • Aiming for a healthy diet

  • Using your sick leave

  • Consistently getting exercise before/after work

Psychological self-care

  • Journaling

  • Not responding to emails or work calls outside of work hours

  • Making time for relaxation

Emotional self-care

  • Writing 3 positive things you did today

  • Doing something you enjoy

  • Developing supportive friendships

  • Meeting a friend or family member for coffee

Spiritual self-care

  • Engaging in meditation sessions

  • Doing yoga

  • Making time for reflection

Workplace or Professional

  • Setting up a peer supportive group

  • attending training sessions to enhance your skill set

  • being strict with boundaries between clients/students and staff

Other services include:

  • Farmers Market tour. Going to the farmers market and don’t know what to look for? I can help you! Buying local is seriously the best because you can talk to the farmer who grows the produce and know where your food is coming from! I’ll take you on a tour and suggest the best products to buy.

  • Restaurant support. Going out to eat? Need an accountability coach? I’m here to help you make the best decisions when going out to eat. Feel free to text, call or email me to ask me anything!

  • Pantry makeover. This entails coming to your house, looking through your pantry and suggesting healthy alternatives that are in your fridge and pantry. I will never judge you based on what you buy.

  • Decluttering of your house. I will help you sort and organize your whole house, apartment, condo, etc. Being organized improves your health and will automatically impact your mood.