So, What, I Was Craving Grilled Cheese!

Grilled cheese.

That's all I've been thinking about for the past few days. Why? I have no freaking idea. 

I think it was ever since we went into Barnes N Noble last week and I saw a picture of this scrumptious sandwich in one of the magazines I was thumbing through.  In general, I tend to avoid eating it because I'm lactose intolerant and I'm not really a fan of dairy-free cheese.

But......on a windy Saturday night, when we met some friends at Up on the Roof to try their food, I saw it on the menu....

Grilled cheese.

It was right there staring me in the face. I knew I had to have it. I figured maybe it was a sign? Who knows. So, even though I cannot consume cheese due to my horrible stomach sensitivity - it really is a pain in the butt - I decided to order it anyway. 

I was hoping it would be worth the bathroom trips. 

What was on the grilled cheese? Glad you asked! It was havarti cheese, which apparently is a semisoft Danish cow's milk cheese.  It also consisted of tomato jam, red onion confit and a tomato bisque. The sandwich was delicious - from start to finish. The onion paired nicely with the cheese, bread and tomato jam.  On the side, I opted for french fries because you only live once, people.


Usually, when I go out, I try to eat healthy. I try to get either a sandwich that has protein, that I know will fill me up in a good way and turn my head away from fries, but I knew the meal wasn't going to kill me. Well, maybe just my stomach. 

This was probably the first night I didn't care that I had an unhealthy dinner. I didn't care that fries are greasy and there was more bread than cheese on the sandwich. Either way, it was delicious and my stomach didn't hate me.  

Along with my delectable grilled cheese + fries, I also ordered a Mocktail called Walk the Line.  The drink had lemon and pink grapefruit juices, berry simple syrup and club soda. OMG, it was super sweet, but not overpowering. 


They have plenty more dishes and cocktails to choose from. My husband ordered Pasta Pescatore, which included day boat scallops, blue crab, shrimp, uni butter and squid ink tagliatelle. He described it as having a nice creamy texture. Every element of the seafood didn't overpower the other. Overall, it was a well-rounded plate of pasta. 


So... whether you're in the mood for pasta, grilled cheese, salad, or something just plain different, you NEED to check out Up on the Roof!

GB&D: Brunchin' with Friends

On a hot Sunday afternoon, my hubby and I made our way to GB&D aka Golden Brown & Delicious. We were meeting our friends there to grab a bite to eat and catch up on life. I've been wanting to try this restaurant in the West End of Greenville for a while now and I finally got the opportunity to try it!

Best part about GB&D? There's a coffee shop in the same building called the Village Grind, so if you're in the mood for a good cup of coffee, you can order it without having to walk outside! 


What did I order? I opted for the iced rose cardamom latte with almond milk. How can I describe this latte? The somewhat floral fragrance definitely stood out with this latte and makes it rather hard to pinpoint the flavor profile. Just note if you're looking for more of a flowery taste, I'd definitely recommend trying it! In addition to the latte, I ordered the strawberry donut. The donut was more dense than chewy and the glaze was subtle, yet sweet, but overall, it was delectable. 

We only had to wait a few minutes for our table at GB&D, which was quite refreshing! Now, onto the brunch. (Yum!)

I ordered the chicken + waffles. The fried chicken was crisped to perfection and the waffles were light and fluffy. The meal also came with grilled squash, which was great! 


Their locally-sourced meal changes daily, so they don't always serve the exact same meals. Their noodles are handmade and fresh and they use local beef! I'm just plain OBSESSED with this place because it's made from scratch food and utilizes top-quality ingredients, which are FREE OF TOXINS + CHEMICALS. 

I preach quite often that we should be eating toxin-free foods that aren't processed because it's not good for our body. You're more prone to diseases and illnesses. Not to mention, it makes you feel like crap! I know not everyone can afford to buy say fresh chicken or say grass-fed beef, but start by eliminating pre-packaged chicken and buy it when it's on sale. 

If you could replace a processed meal with a meal you make from scratch, then your body will thank you. I'm not a nutritionist, but I do have some nutritional insight. 

Looking to try GB&D? Click on the button below to check out their website!

Delicious + Delectable Food with a Southern Touch

Located across from Aloft Hotel in Downtown Greenville, Honey Tupelo Café serves scratch-made southern comfort food elevated to new levels. Upon walking in, you’ll find a friendly host waiting to seat you and your party. Artwork evoking the local area is displayed on the walls as you make your way to the dining area. I was struck by just how cozy and casual Tupelo Honey felt. I didn’t feel as if I needed to shout in order to hear the person I was with. The atmosphere is rather cool and casual space and is perfect for either grabbing a drink with friends, getting together with family or planning a date night. The space has a modern feel with plentiful natural light with a subtle touch of vintage décor and rustic style belt-driven ceiling fans.

On that Sunday, my husband and I decided to grab some brunch, looked up some restaurants in town and decided on Tupelo Honey simply because it serves scratch-made food. I was surprised when I looked on their website and found an online reservation tab (how convenient)! I reserved my seat in a flash and received an email stating that my table will be ready for the time I provided.

When we were seated, our friendly waitress approached us with a smile and asked what we wanted to drink. My husband couldn’t decide between two meals, so when she came back with our waters, he asked for her recommendation. She suggested the Blackberry Habanero Pulled Pork Burger, which consisted of slow-roasted blackberry habanero pork stacked atop one Creekstone farms all-natural pasture-raised beef patty, tobacco onions, and pork belly collards. He took her recommendation and it did not disappoint. He described the burger as a flavorful extravaganza. It was a perfect balance between the beef patty, pork, and homemade blackberry sauce. On the side, he ordered pork belly collards, which he said were smoky with just the right amount of salt.

While he enjoyed his burger, I devoured my Southern BLT, which was made of Apple cider bacon, dijonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and hot honey. I absolutely love honey and it was the ideal addition to this delectable sandwich. The chicken was crispy and you could tell by its appearance that it was made with care. It wasn’t soggy or overcooked. The honey added a nice sweetness to the meal. Not to mention, the French fries were crisp to perfection and tasted hand-cut instead of served heated from a frozen bag.

From start to finish, everything was great at Tupelo Honey café. They’re not only based in Greenville, they also have locations in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Their food is locally sourced who are very passionate about what they do. According to their website, Tupelo Honey is a revival of Southern food and traditions rooted in the Carolina Mountains we call home. They craft brunches, lunches, and suppers that bring family and friends around the table and allow for conversations and cocktails to linger longer than usual. They create dishes that make people coming back for more and their service is always on-par.

Looking for a place that serves crafted cocktails? Opt for happy hour, which is Mon – Thurs from 4p – 7p. Searching for a place to enjoy brunch? Reserve your spot online from Sat-Sun from Open – 4p. Not only can you reserve your seat online, you can also order online and stop by and pick it up! Or, you can have it delivered via the Grub Hub app. Would I try this place again? In a heartbeat. Just tell me what day and time and I’ll be there.

Source In the Know Upstate

The Village Grind: Cozy, Casual & Colorful

village grind.png

I think deep down I'm a hipster.

I love to discuss life and question why we handle things in certain ways. Some people do not think this way, but I'm one of the few who do. Why do we have to always follow the path? Why can't we just pave our own way in life?

I contemplated this while visiting The Village Grind in Greenville, SC, a coffee shop on the West End. When you walk in, not only does the aroma of coffee hit your nose, the colorful paintings on the wall jump out and excite the mind!

The Village Grind is an authentic coffee shop that actually makes their syrups instead of purchasing processed ones with preservatives and additives most coffee shops sell.

I ordered a 12 oz toasted hazelnut latte with almond milk and asked for a 12 oz lavender mocha with whole milk for my husband.

Even though this hot spot is a bit small, we eventually found seating by the window overlooking the street. "I like this coffee," my husband said. "It has a different taste than I'm used to." In this case, "different" meant good. When I tried a sip of his latte, my first impression was smooth and surprising pleasant.  My latte on the other hand truly tasted hand-crafted. I can usually tell when coffee shops overly compensate with sugar. If it's too sweet for my taste, I'm usually turned off and that wasn't the case for either of the drinks. Mine was nothing but sweet and tasty!

If you've never made your way to the West End of Greenville, you should take a trip to try The Village Grind. I promise, you won't be sorry. It's not a chain and you won't catch the staff using pre-made syrups or even a coffee machine for that matter.

Smoothie Love at Southern Pressed Juicery


You’ve probably seen Southern Pressed Juicery’s Instagram posts simply because the pictures are colorful, crisp, clear and, make you crave a smoothie. SPJ is the type of place you can grab a quick smoothie or opt for one of their wraps. No matter what you order, you won’t be disappointed due to the fact that it’s all organic, freshly made, locally sourced, and all of their items are plant-based. The environment is the kind of place you can bring in your laptop and work or plan a girl’s (guilt-free) lunch.

When you arrive, you’ll find it’s a cool, casual, and laid-back atmosphere where the employees take the time to chat with you and offer help if it’s your first visit. I met one of my friends there and since it was our first visit, the girl behind the counter allowed us to try samples! We tried about three different juices and two smoothies. Honestly, when I glanced at the menu online, I couldn’t decide what I wanted because there were several items that sounded good. The last smoothie I sampled was the Mint Julep, which consisted of avocado, mint, peppermint cacao nibs, spinach, maple syrup, vanilla extract, almond mylk, and coconut mylk. It tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream without the added chemicals and most of all it was dairy-free. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without giving in to cravings, you should opt for this smoothie. My friend ordered The ABJ which was made of almond mylk, blueberry, strawberry, banana, almond butter, dates and, was garnished with chopped almonds. She described hers as a little nutty with a hint of a berry taste. I also picked up a Cocolila for my husband. This mylk tasted like a healthier version of chocolate milk without the added sugar. There was a nutty aftertaste and was quite creamy. This beverage consisted of almond mylk, dates, cacao powder, maca, vanilla, and Himalayan pink salt.

Don’t let them fool you. Though they pride themselves on making delectable smoothies, that doesn’t mean their other menu items are lackluster. Some of their lattes include matcha, vanilla bean, and even golden mylk. Their energy bowls and parfaits fill you up without making you feel miserable. Want to cleanse? They offer 1, 3, and 5-day cleanse programs that reboot your immune system and recharge you inside and out. Did I mention you can even order online? If that’s not convenient, I don’t know what is.

I almost forgot to mention the sweets they offer! Everyone loves a good donut, but hates the guilt that comes with it. The donuts at Southern Pressed Juicery consist of gluten-free rolled oats, cashews, dates, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a seasonal topping. Craving cheesecake? Order DAIRY-FREE vanilla cheesecake. In the mood for a meal? They do offer Pad Thai Zoodles, which is Pad Thai without the carbs. The assortment of foods are endless and you’ll definitely want to try Southern Pressed Juicery for yourself. Each of their menu items informs you of its health benefits. If you’re feeling congested, choose one of their detox options, which helps boost immunity, is anti-inflammatory and a decongestant. Feel like you’re about to catch the flu? Pick up one of their flu shots (for those of us who are scared of needles).

Whatever the case, they have something for everything! So, if you’re looking for healthy food options, pay a visit to Southern Pressed Juicery.

Source In the Know Upstate