Healing from People Pleasing

I said a joke to a family member the other day on the phone and their response was to hand the phone to someone else. Instead of talking about why it triggered them. I apologized because obviously I didn’t mean to hurt their feelings, but the apology meant nothing and this individual retorted by screamingContinue reading “Healing from People Pleasing”

When this shit happens, you don’t give up, you fight back.

I’ve been letting myself eat what my body tells me simply because I don’t want to restrict myself, but now I’m taking it too far. Now, I’m starting to get impatient, anger & frustrated way too easily. On top of that, I feel the need to constantly be on my phone. I feel bloated andContinue reading “When this shit happens, you don’t give up, you fight back.”

In Order To Heal, I Need To Deal With This Head-on

I was a follower, never a leader. I had low self-esteem, low self-worth. I felt ugly. I felt fat. I was miserable. In 5th grade, I met this girl who became my best friend throughout middle school. PROBLEM? I listened to her. If she told me to JUMP, I’d ask how high. If she wantedContinue reading “In Order To Heal, I Need To Deal With This Head-on”

Do you think taking time for yourself matters?

I didn’t know how much I needed self-care until I fell out of a routine. I was sitting in my room rocking my daughter to sleep. For the past few months, she’s been having a hard time sleeping. It’s been rough putting her down for naps and for bed due to her digestive issues, etc.Continue reading “Do you think taking time for yourself matters?”

What the heck is Bisphenol A (BPA)?!

do you know what Bisphenol A stands for? do you know what it is? you’ll find it abbreviated as BPA in canned goods, plastic containers, baby bottles, baby pacifiers, sippy cups, cash register receipts, as well as household products. BPA is a chemical that’s used to make plastics and resins.  you might be wondering –Continue reading “What the heck is Bisphenol A (BPA)?!”

Do you know what HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is?!

do you know what high-fructose corn syrup is?! It’s a cheap chemical sweetener derived from corn syrup that’s found in processed food. Companies often put in their products, which causes you to consume more calories than you actually need. You’ll find it in: cereal bread salad dressing ice cream crackers pasta sauce yogurt jelly jamContinue reading “Do you know what HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is?!”

What Characteristics Do You Wish To Change About Yourself?

So many thoughts circling around in my head. It’s been so long since I’ve had time to think & process my healing journey.  It’s time to re-evaluate my place in this world because I have some personal items to work on.  There are aspects of myself that I feel are ugly. If my husband whoContinue reading “What Characteristics Do You Wish To Change About Yourself?”

Do You Ever Have “Those Days” Where…..?

I got mad at her for not napping.  I got mad at her for not sitting her butt down & eating. I got mad at her for crying as I cooked dinner.  I got mad at her because I needed a fucking minute to breath & she was letting me. I am human, just likeContinue reading “Do You Ever Have “Those Days” Where…..?”

4 Clean Brands I’m Loving Right Now

You know that I’m all about finding clean, organic and minimal ingredient products.  I tend to spend way too much time shopping because I read every single food label. I am very particular when it comes to my food selection, so when I was sent samples from the brands below, I KNEW I had toContinue reading “4 Clean Brands I’m Loving Right Now”

Do you know what a FREE BIRTH is?

During my pregnancy, I never questioned much.  I went along with the standard procedures without asking a ton of questions. And, I should have, but I can’t go backwards, I can only go forwards.  So, here I am. healing from my dang pregnancy, postpartum & birth. after 18.5 months. It wasn’t traumatic in a senseContinue reading “Do you know what a FREE BIRTH is?”